It’s not a revolution, it’s a evolution of consciousness

Earth Division

Our Earth has Endured a substantial amount of damage due to mass industrialization deforestation throughout history. Recently there has been a spike in awareness about devastating effects that our planet has been subjected to through these actions. One of our major goals here at EOC Life Non Profit is to advocate the concept of what we call green living, and raise awareness on the importance of safe guarding our earth and its vegetation.

Health Division

Common health conditions such as diabetes, sickle cell anemia,cancer ,down syndrome, leprosy, and HIV/aids all demand long term management. Without doubt, the cost of treating health conditions over an extended period of time can grow to be quite significant. With that being understood, we created our EOC Life Non Profit Health Division with the intention of allocating financial assistance and procurement of medicinal treatment and procedures for those who are in need.

Elderly Division

The elderly are all too often faced with neglect and abandonment once they reach a point in life where they are no longer strong enough to physically care for themselves. Through our elders we acquire wisdom and the knowledge of traditions that in turn heighten our strengths and guide us through life. The aim of EOC Life Non Profit Elderly Division is to demonstrate the value of caring for others and improve the welfare of our elderly.

Animal Division

With numerous animals being on the brink of extinction, the purpose of EOC Life Non Profit Animal Division is to arrange for the protection and preservation of animals considered to be an endangered species. We also actively encourage individuals to put an end to the poaching of these particular species worldwide.

Stress Management Courses

We live in a high stress world. According to the U.S. Department of Labour, the average American employed full-time is now working 47 hours per week, as opposed to 42 hours per week in the 1970s. This fact, coupled with an increased workload and potential financial and family complications, makes it no wonder that the average person is suffering from stress-related health problems. Without question, our mission to start a business that assists people in learning how to cope with stress and how to avoid stressful situations is a business venture with an unlimited number of potential clients. The marketing of the stress management classes targets individuals seeking to reduce or eliminate stress from their daily lives.
Film Fundraising Division: We host film festivals and have participants enter their own unique productions. A contest where attendees can have their fans or followers vote for their favorite films.

Homeless Division

In conclusion, EOC LIFE nonprofit organization, also known as EOC LIFE public charities, are in business to get a job done, not to make money. Solving the problem is not just a matter of figuring out a way to provide greater access to affordable housing for the less well-off. Low and minimum wages not only are insufficient to keep pace not only with rising rents but also result in less money to spend on other daily necessities such as food, clothing and medical care. Those already struggling to keep up are in an even more precarious position when gentrification hits their neighborhoods. Our goal is to create more opportunities for those in need of housing and everyday necessities.

It’s not a revolution, it’s a evolution of consciousness.


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